I just really need someone to talk to right now, at least, before I have no phone connection to talk to anyone heh.

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posted on March 2nd 2003 at 8:57AM CDT

I wish there were something to say, My heart aches for you. I’ll just keep praying for something good to happen and sending blessings for your strength and resolve in this.  Hugs…

posted on March 2nd 2003 at 10:36AM CDT

I’ll talk to you if yea want. I’m alway avalible.

posted on March 2nd 2003 at 2:41PM CDT

Feel free to email me babe. I’m always around.

posted on March 2nd 2003 at 10:57PM CDT

You can always IM me hon, I may or not be there but I always come back.

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