I have a ton of email to catch up on, responses to a lot of comments via email and what not.

Later on I will take some pictures to show everyone what my sister got me last night!

Just a random entry because I should be sleeping… I am going to try to sleep… heh… Crystal… remember when we could only sleep if the sun was coming up? Yeah having that issue again!

I just… really need Amber sometimes, like physically hang out with her… if only we weren’t across the country from one another!

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posted on March 29th 2003 at 3:51AM CST

Yes, I remember, and I’m having those problems too! Gah!

posted on March 29th 2003 at 7:21AM CST

How weird, I’ve had that issue for about a year. Why is it easier to sleep when you see a bit of light in your window? I’ve still no idea.

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