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posted on March 27th 2003 at 6:47AM CST

If you follow it, but it can get expensive :o( … Don’t you HATE that they make such an extrodinary amount of money off other people’s pitfalls.  Sheesh, just irks me!

posted on March 27th 2003 at 9:11AM CST

i have a friend who lost 50 pounds in a year using the point system. so, i think it does work if you do it.

posted on March 28th 2003 at 11:08AM CST

HI ::waves:: you have no idea who i am, but i found you through Jen (Lusiousness.org). Anywho, i think the new “point system” weight watchers has does work, but you don’t need to invest in the program if you have a scale and will power :-) I have the books and all the points and everything if you need help or want more info feel free to contact me :-)  Peace, Amanda

posted on March 28th 2003 at 4:01PM CST

There’s been a diet trial here in the UK (that’s being screened on TV at the moment) and so far it seems Weight Watchers has been the most sucessful diet for women. The most successful diet overall has been Atkins, but that looks so unappealing to me it’s untrue. Here’s the link for the series, you might find it useful, who knows:

posted on March 28th 2003 at 9:31PM CST

*firm WW believer!* haha I started WW on January 18th and ive lost about 23lbs!! which is REALLY great for me!! and i know people say *it isnt worth the money* but i think it is.. i mean if i miss a meeting i get all screwed up and do veryyy badly that week! i donno though.. for someone like you *who has a baby* and everything.. you should just chat with me and get the basic lowdown on the program.. and have like.. a blog be your motivation :) *like i dream of military!* (btw.. it is 12 dollars a week!!)

posted on March 29th 2003 at 3:06AM CST

I agree with the person who said it the point system works and that you can do it on your own. The great thing is, if you have all the info, the point system is not all that hard to follow. Especially if you like vegetables! (The majority of them have absolutely no point value!)
My mom did WW for a while, and she was doing great. The only thing you really need the actual group for is support, but if you know enough people (real life or online) you can make your own support group and save all kinds of money!

posted on March 29th 2003 at 7:07PM CST

Weight Watchers works, but you have to remain dedicated to your diet. I lost 30 pounds, but I’m in a pleateau stage right now where I’m ‘stuck’, but with dieting you have to expect that.

If you ever have some spare time, check out my dieting journal

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