I am so freaking tired for some odd reason.

From now on, I need to stop drinking soda, I mostly have a problem with it at work. I don’t drink too much but I shouldn’t be drinking it at all. It just isn’t healthy!

I miss my Mary!

I am so out of it right now, Daniel has been prancing around like crazy pushing his stroller all over the apartment.

I am going to get into the shower and get ready for work… good times good times… Oh and I finally got a chance to talk to David today so that was nice! It’s been a few weeks since we spoke and I got worried.

Ok now for fun at work lol

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Kasey Kay
posted on November 26th 2003 at 5:28PM CST

What a cute layout. :)
Maybe you’re tired because it’s the day before Thanksgiving? Just a guess, ‘cause I’m tired too. Thank goodness that tomorrow we’ll be getting a nice little break!
Mmm… soda…

posted on November 26th 2003 at 8:43PM CST

Thanksgiving!! yay!!!!!! =DDD

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