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April 2nd 2005 / 1 minute to read

Let’s see… Gmail boosted their storage to 2Gigs. Wow! I have a ton of invites available!

After I got off of work today (3 hour shift) I took Daniel on the playground to play, it’s been super windy and a bit cold today so we didn’t play as long as we would have normally. We then cleaned up the bedroom and went to the grocery store. I purchased strip steaks and made wonderful steak stirfry for dinner! I also rented The Incredibles (again!), Taxi (watching it right now, just put it in!), and Ladder 49.

I also updated Iris, 2 photos per day up until April 6th.

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yeah.. isn’t it amazing? i always check that “log me in automatically for 2 weeks” thing so i never see the counter thing on the frontpage that keeps track of how much space we have. it’s crazy! they keep adding more! thanks again for gmail ;)

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Oh yeah, now that you’ve said gmail increased their mail storage . . . I think I’m switching back to gmail. Lolz. :) Hmmm.. yummy.. steak!! I haven’t eaten special food like that in ages.. lolz..

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