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It is 3:45am as I post this, I am only awake because I was watching all of the movies I had rented.

I suddenly hear my father’s phone ringing in the kitchen. I of course fucking RUN to answer it as I am thinking oh dear gods my sister or brother have been in an accident.

It was my brother, I go omg were you in accident? Are you arrested or something?

The reason for him calling at almost 4am? Because he was FUCKING GOING THROUGH SCRAP METAL AND THOUGHT HE MIGHT MAKE A GOOD AMOUNT OF MONEY ON IT!!!!!!

I said you have GOT to be kidding me! You are calling past 3am to talk about SCRAP METAL?! I said you know what? You need to learn some respect, you are an adult now and you need to act like it.

He hung up.

I am shaking I am so furious right now.

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