Awesome Children

July 2nd 2010 / 1 minute to read

These photos are of my two sons and my niece from her recent birthday, she’s now a very grown up TWO year old!







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Dude, it is totally insane how much your boys look alike. I mean, if it weren’t for their different sizes, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart! :)

P.S. Your camera makes everything look better. Maybe you should bring it and take some fancy-schmancy pics of our Birthing Babes open house!

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Just goes to show how strong my genetic makeup is LOL!

I really would love to go to the open house in August! You’ll be able to see how massive Tristan has gotten lol.

Joni Rae

So f’in CUTE. And holy crap they look alike! That was my first thought!


Reply to Joni Rae

LOL thank you! They have my nose and mouth and overall face shape. Daniel’s bone structure/eyes are ALL his bio-father’s and Tristan overall looks a LOT like Keith.


Adorable photos! :D

Reply to Caity

Thank you so much Caity!


Such adorable children! I love those little bowling pins!

Reply to Lynda

Aww thank you! I believe that was one of the gifts my niece had gotten!


Your photo’s came out very good. The kids look like they had fun :D

So cute :D

Reply to Jenny

Thank you Jenny!


I love the sort of “retro” feel to the photos :) Beautiful as always <3

Reply to Keeshia

Yay thank you!!


I love those pictures. They are so cute. Especially the one of your sons! I think it’s really neat how they kind of look like older pictures with the colouring and textures :)

Reply to Carolynne

Thank you!!


Nice pictures! I liked how they had an old school look to it. Have a wonderful day!

Visiting from SITS.

Reply to Tonya

Thank you so much!

The kids are adorable Sarah! It’s my first time on your blog and I just love the template. Did you do it yourself? It’s so feminine.

Dropping by from SITS. I’m a new member and trying to mix up with the girls. Do drop by my place :)

Thank you so much Mehreen! Yeppers this theme is created all by my lonesome lol!

Dumb Mom

Very cute pictures. And, I love your blog design (particularly the comment section)! Did you do it yourself?

Reply to Dumb Mom

Thank you! Yep I did this myself!!

serena meyer

Hi Sarah,
I didn’t know where else to stick this, but I had a personal project I wanted to talk with you about. :)

Reply to serena meyer

Shooting you an email!

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