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Why the hell is my boyfriend downloading such lovely songs like :

Anita Howard – Freak Like Me
Monifah – Touch It

Is he like uh hinting at something?

So yeah still trying to give away all of my fanlistings. Who knew people could go so like… buckwild psycho over some of them. Real fun. Seriously.

Uhhh what else. Princess Gina and I realised we try to start too much at once so we are asking for staff over at Pagan@Osn.

I’ve been so tired for the past week or so. Not fun. At least it isn’t “the mono” again.

I’m glad everyone likes the new layout. Pretty coloring ain’t it!

I’m hoping to get beta testers started next week, now that will be interesting heh.

I just am so tired for being up less than 9 hours this is insane.