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So new design, back to my love of divs and scrolls, no nasty Iframes here lol, you wouldn’t believe how many times I am asked how I do my “iframes” and how shocked people are when I inform them it’s just div layers and css lol.

Anyway, I hope it’s decent for y’all.

Edited to add
I also updated Visionary – Photolog tonight!

posted on July 21st 2004 at 5:01AM CDT

It’s finger licking good.

posted on July 21st 2004 at 12:15PM CDT

I love it! Simple, you know I love simple design… One question – Why didn’t you use one of your own sky pictures? You’ve had some of the most gorgeous pictures of the sky lately!

posted on July 21st 2004 at 2:13PM CDT

Beautiful as always Sarah ;o)

posted on July 21st 2004 at 5:20PM CDT

You did a lovely job on the new layout. I use scrollable div layers too.

posted on July 21st 2004 at 5:54PM CDT

Oooh… desert picture! I was just in the desert a few days ago! Oops, rambling…

Very nice layout. :)

posted on July 21st 2004 at 10:38PM CDT

nice layout! and all with CSS!
I personally am an iframe addict ;D

posted on July 22nd 2004 at 12:29AM CDT

I love the colors, and especially, the photograph. It makes me think of Kemet, and that always gives me the warm fuzzies. :-)