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So yesterday afternoon, I’m standing outside with the boyfriend, two insane women, and two police officers, and all I could think about was, “do not throw up in front of the officers, hyperemesis or not that would be awful”.

See since I’ve been with my boyfriend, living together, I noticed he had a large volume of stray cats around the house, I also had noticed that someone (not him) was putting out bowls of food and water around OUR house for these cats, which also brought forth skunks, raccoons, and possums. Nothing like trying to go to sleep and hearing a cat vs. skunk fight and having to shut all the windows in the house due to the skunk weaponry.

So back to yesterday, I am sitting on the bed, getting my maternity pants on (always a delight), when the BF comes and tells me, “the crazy cat lady is here!”. I always told him I would unleash the pregnancy rage if she didn’t pack the crap up and stay off our property. I prance outside (as fast as I can at 5 1/2 months pregnant), and I said very nicely to this older female with crazy eyes, “Please get off my property, it makes me feel unsafe that you are trespassing and causing an issue with stray feral animals that could potentially hurt me, my unborn child, or my 7yr old son.” Well she got ALL snappy with me and started to come at me and invaded my personal bubble. Now as any pregnant mother can attest to, you do NOT get into their bubble and make them feel physically threatened. Within 2 seconds flat I am, at the top of my voice, which is loud thanks to a father who is deaf and being Italian heh, stated, “I am PREGNANT and you are HARASSING me and TRESPASSING. You WILL leave NOW or I will call the police”.  Obviously she chose the police route.

So she starts screaming at me, trying to get to the front door because she swears that MY boyfriend, father of my new child, is going to side with her about feeding feral animals around OUR house? Um. Right. Now I told him to stay inside because I had this handled. When she started yelling at me I turned around, went up to my front door, asked the BF for his cell phone. I then called 911, explained the situation, that I had a strange woman feeding feral animals, yelling at me when I asked her to leave, that I was almost 6 months pregnant, and felt threatened. I don’t think CCL (crazy cat lady) thought I was serious until I started to describe her van and shared her license plate number with the 911 operator. She proceeded to get into her van and drive off, I told the operator the direction she was headed in, and as I was about to get off the phone and wait for the officers to arrive, CCL and another, slightly younger woman walked up onto my driveway. Just then the 2 police cars pulled up.

The male officer spoke to the two women while the female officer spoke to me and walked with me around the house and she was horrified to see what the CCL had been up to. Full water bowls, full bowls of dry and wet food, make shift cat houses with foil, and much more. I explained how stressful this was on me and the household overall. I then had the BF come outside because I knew my temper was starting to really rise which makes me nauseated every more heh. The CCL went nuts, going on and on how she actually would capture the animals, PAY out of her own pocket to spay/neuter them and THEN release them back at our house! Instead of taking them to a shelter or no-kill shelter, she was leaving these cats to deal with the harsh Illinois winters (and weather overall), and the aggressive animals in the area that tend to fight with the cats almost nightly.

So then it’s a circle of all of us at the end of the driveway, with the two women telling me I shoot just murder the animals, that I hate cats, (anyone that knows me, knows that isn’t true, we actually have two cats as well currently, one of which sadly has cancer), and just going NUTS. The officers of course sided with me as I am the not insane one. The officers explained that I could press charges if they show up on my property again, especially if the cats seem to still be around even though they have no food source (that we can see).

Yeppers, now if that all made sense I will feel very proud of myself!

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That’s crazy, what a weird freakin broad.  Sorry you had to deal with that.

Reply to Crystal
Lisa Marie

I can’t believe that she still got in your face even after you told her you were pregnant. The nerve of some people. She doesn’t belong on YOUR property. That’s the bottom line. Press charges if she does it again.

Try to relax, Sarah. :hugs:

Reply to Lisa Marie

Wow… I don’t even know what to say. Sorry you had to deal with that drama… I know drama and pregnancy don’t mix well.


Totally nuts, my dear, totally nuts.

Reply to Heather

So what I don’t get is why this strange woman would set up food, water and makeshift shelters for cats (and essentially any animal within smelling distance) and then have the nerve to get upset when you basically tell her to take her crap and fuck off?

Good for you for acting on your words and calling the police. I hope she doesn’t come back and bother you again.

Reply to Jenn

Whoa.  Crazy lady is crazy!  Hopefully she’ll heed the words of the police officers, and not bring her special brand of Strange over to your yard again. 

Aside:  I am so digging this setup you have going on here at OSN now.

Reply to Allyson

That is so completely random. It makes you wonder why she doesn’t do all that at her OWN house!

Reply to Erin

What a nutcase this lady is! In my neighborhood there are alot of outdoor cats but, they are actually peoples pets. It does drive me nuts however that the people who live next door to me leave cat food out on their porch constantly. All of the raccoons & rodents swarm the food and you never know what critter you will walk up on.

Anyway, hopefully this lady will leave you alone and stop feeding all the strays on your property.

Reply to Cammie

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