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eatin tacos matt made nummy nummy watching gilmore girls OH there was a comment so i shall post it
Dove/Veriria comments on the blog that Boom is like a “net mother”. Give me a break? We don’t need those kinds of “net mothers”. She has the actions of “the mean old stepmom” Anyone who goes around wearing avatars that show disrespect and hate towards another human being is not someone that i think should be considered as a role model for the younger palace member’s.
Posted by Godiva @ 04/02/2001 09:10 PM EST

so i agree with that *nods* anyways the forum is pickin up pace, added mels site to featured links….saw The Dark Vision has us again in their updates email AND on her site! ahahaha LOVING it! We have been in/on it 2 times!! Makes us feel spe-CIAL!  Plus its a great referer and I hope we give her traffic too. I fancied up the guestbook and I spruced up the splash page and a few parts on the main page although i want hmm something special for the site im working on postcards for LJS the mystery but i mean overall a new section or something perhaps? something to ponder as i drink more nummy pepsi. *bows down to the pepsi goddess*

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