EE Bug Fixes

May 24th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

The following bugs in the EE Version 1.0 have been fixed

  • Optimized the comment display function for better performance on large databases.
  • Fixed trackback URL tag so that it recognizes the URL title rather than only the numeric ID
  • Plugin manager was showing a list of all files in the plugin folder rather than only ones that are plugins
  • Added the following missing date localization variable: %G
  • Comment notifications sent to admins now use the reply
  • to address of the person commenting.
  • Fixed some typos. (this only affected the English version)
  • Fixed a caching bug when using weblogs in their own sub-directory.
  • Added the following global variable 1. This variable is identical to 1. We added a second version since some tags natively have use 1, making it unavailable as a global.
  • Added obfuscating code to email addresses in contact form.

Oh also, I find it amusing how some MT people are trying to freak us EE users out. A person posted how EE will ALWAYS allow us to have as MANY authors and weblogs for FREE for basically forever and a person replied basically oh really where does it say that publically lol so the EE creator posted on the boards that yeah, it will be free as a bird :) Love how I make it into my own words huh.

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Your new layout looks good.:) Thanks for the post on the EE bug fixes, I forgot a downloaded the fixed version to fix my EE.

Reply to Melissa

Lol, lame arguments are funny.

Reply to Melissa

I like the new layout :D

What’s EE? (may be in the market for new blog software)

Reply to Bec

Thanks Gina :)

Reply to Bec

I like the login feature, that’s cool! Is that EE? Awesome job on setting everything up!

Reply to Sofia

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