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Ok so I am going to jump on the bandwagon with podcasting, you can see in my sidebar the RSS feed you can subscribe to using your favorite podcatcher.

Episode #1

Intro to Starry Cast. A little bit about myself, updates to OSN, John Lennon, and a rant about message boards.

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posted on June 6th 2005 at 1:46PM CDT

Hehehe…that was too cute. OMG, do you have the midwest accent. The live cast thingy is a fabulous idea. Hmmmm…(got me to thinking)

posted on June 6th 2005 at 4:54PM CDT

ROFL! That was great!! I loved it…deffinitely an awesome idea! Anywho..I wrote you today…should go out in the mail tomorrow so if you could let me know when you get it so that I know that you DID get it I would be very apreciative.  Now you have me craving ice cream which luckily I have some in the freezer..White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle…mmmmmm gooood! *huggles*

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