Going Nocturnal

May 4th 2005 / 2 minutes to read

Since all of this surgery stuff happened, I’ve reverted back to my nocturnal nature. This is going to be the end of me come next week when I try to go back to work!

I am totally going to watch Oprah tomorrow since it’s a subject so dear and close to my heart.

Oh dear gods. One of my brother’s friends just called me. I don’t even know which one. Apparently my brother gave him my number. I am not sure why. Apparently I met this guy before and he wanted my number? Uhhh ok… well that just made my week all the more interesting.

The only plus side to you know… starving and having an organ removed is somehow I’ve lost around 5-6lbs. I’ve eaten not so good since I’m not able to go to the grocery store, which is going to change tomorrow even if I have to give my sister my card to go to the grocery store. I feel full faster because my stomach shrank and well… nothing can make you feel not hungry than looking at all of the incisions and bruising! Oh, on that note, anyone have a simple script to input and show my water intake? I have to do better, it’s not that I drink other fluids, it’s that I don’t drink ANYTHING, I just tend to… forget and ignore my thirsty feelings.

Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday… uhh I wouldn’t mind getting a card… present… a car… you know whatever!

Heh, I just realised how creepy this entry mere hours before I landed up in the emegency room is. There I was mulling over my mortality fear and BAM in the ER and end up having an organ removed. Good times.

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