Grrr Apartment Rant

March 8th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Damn, we are pissed, Daniel finally fell asleep after he nursed, when about 10 min later, we hear SCREAMING in the hallway by some kids, so Matt goes to look to see if their parents are around, lo and behold the parents are RIGHT next to them, letting them scream bloody hell! So, Matt was going to ask the parents to please have their kids stop screaming, as it woke Daniel up, who is now FINALLY calmed down, after being woken by shrill screaming, so as Matt went to talk to the parents, they went inside their apartment, so Matt called our landlord, who said he has had other complaints about that apartment, and will calll them to talk to them about the yelling. See in the lease, in the NUMEROUS quiet rules, it clearly states kids can NOT run or yell in the hallways, nor can they play around the building because, and I quote “This building is not a playground” which was fine with Matt and I, although we are in our 20’s we very much value our quiet living space. UGH. I just don’t understand how parents can not teach their children respect in a place where other people live. It was interesting to know we weren’t the only ones to complain. Ugh. Okey enough of that rant.

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