March 1st 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Wow I AM being read! Motavates me to write. Yes, it is a new blog layout. Now that I think about it, it kinda looks autumish huh. I will be adding more links to the link section of this blog. Perhaps I will make a new theme simular to this one sometime soon, yes I know I spelled that wrong.
Not to much going on for me at the moment. Daniel is REALLY perky, all smilies since Matt came home 30 min ago. My chub chub. We are going to watch Buffy in 20 min or so, have to love FX for the reruns. I wish Angel had the same set up since I missed the first two seasons. I always wanted to know about the whole Doyle thing.
I have read almost all the books we got from the library the other day, and yes I nursed Daniel through out the entire place, out of about 20 books I only have 10 to go. Matt was all like “oh SHE doesn’t need THAT much time” when the librarian told us we had two weeks for the books. Heh, yeah, I rock.
I am in a layout mood, amazing what you can do while nursing your baby, and working in PSP with one hand. I have mad skills hehehe. Not sure what else to mess with layout wise, besides this blog perhaps, as I really am liking my main layout. Any suggestions?
Well that is it for now!

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