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September 2nd 2009 / 1 minute to read

I would like to start a mini project, Guest Post Fridays. The idea is that you want to write about a topic, generally something specific, could be related to tech (computers, mobile phones, etc), blogging (cms, css, xhtml, etc), attachment parenting, and so on. The plus-sides for you would be: increased traffic, increased exposure, helping me out (especially the closer I get to having the baby!), and more. Any takers?

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Sounds like a cool idea, I don’t know what I would blog about, ha ha!

Reply to Damita

Sounds fun. And congrats on being close to having that baby! Can’t wait to see some photos!

Reply to jerry

Hmmm I’m wondering if I could get Juan to participate. He’s all geek-techish. I’ll get back to you on this.

Hmmm, wonder what I’d blog about? I’ll wait to see the first guest post…maybe then I’ll be inspired to do one as well!

@Damita, I would most likely be very specific in the topics I would want, to help those out in the beginning.

@Jerry, thank you! I am terrified to be honest lol

@Lisa Marie, OHH lemme know what Juan says!

@Kecia, I would come up with specific topics, in the beginning anyway, to help posters out.


I’d love to do it! :) I have nothing but blogs coming out of my ears.

Reply to Angel

That would be FANTASTIC, I think people aren’t too familiar with guest posting so they need to see it in action. I will email you a username/password and you can write the post anytime between now and Thursday evening so it’s up Friday morning. I am excited lol.


And if you ever need anything super geeky about cameras, computers, or gadgets, let me know. i r nerdy like that. =)

Reply to jerry

LOL I ALWAYS need super geeky! I miss fixing computers *woe*. I’m trying to find a more streamlined way of doing this, plus, this will SO HELP when I’ve had the baby lol


I could throw a curveball and do one on Polaroids as well. Muahaha.

Reply to jerry

*swoon* I see nothing wrong with that lol


Hey, I finally gots me a fancy schmancy gravatar!

Speaking of Polaroids, I just grabbed a couple packs of Fuji peel-apart film. I need to test out some more converted Land Cameras. *grin*

Reply to jerry

You fancy film person!! I am SO happy to see you FINALLY got a Gravatar! FINALLYYYYY!!!

I’ve added Guest Post Guidelines and also slapped some info on the right sidebar.


Oh, what a fabulous idea! I would be honored to participate! I have done one guest blog before and it was such a fun experience. :)

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I will set you up as a contributor, you can then create your entry (entries) and submit for review! Make sure to look over Guest Post Guidelines and such.


Thank you so much Sarah! I took a look at the guidelines and I will think something up soon and submit something. Awesome!

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