Happy 9th Birthday to Daniel!

January 9th 2011 / 1 minute to read

I can’t believe it! My son is now NINE YEARS OLD! He seems so tiny yet so massive at the same time (especially compared to his baby brother!).

He got one-on-one “daddy time” and they had breakfast at a local joint that pretty much ONLY does breakfast and saw Tron 3D in the theater!

I baked a 3-layer chocolate strawberry cake and we had Lou Malnati’s Pizza for dinner.

We also got a lovely visit from Jenn and my father stopped by as well!

Here’s some photos!

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Danny looks so happy! And that cake looks SO good. I love chocolate and strawberry together. It sounds like he had a great birthday. :)

Reply to Catie

Oh he said it was the best birthday EVER! That he got everything he wanted.

I will admit though, I take it SO PERSONALLY that my brother, twin sister, again ignored his birthday this year. Not a phone call, e-card, nothing. I already expect his bio-father to ignore him so that wasn’t a surprise.

My father was over for almost THREE HOURS. He said he really liked the cake lol.


That looks like one happy 9 year old! Sounds like he had a great birthday. Also, the cake looks super yummy. If you could just send some my way… ;)

Reply to Maggie

Thank you! I wouldn’t know if the cake was tasty or not as I don’t like chocolate OR cake LOL! However everyone else said it was amazing!


I think it is for the best that you don’t like chocolate or cake lol. I wish I was the same way it would save me a lot of trouble!

Reply to Maggie



Happy 9th birthday to him!
How time flies!!

Reply to Danielle

Thank you! OMG for real! I can’t believe he was EVER Tristan’s size lol!


Awww, Happy Birthday!

Excuse me now while I try to reach through my monitor and eat that chocolate cake.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

HA! Funny enough we STILL have cake leftover. So even though it’s “amazing” to everyone who ate it, it’s just not being EATEN.

Looks like he had a wonderful day. :-) And that cake looks delicious!!!

Thank you! I hope he had a good birthday this year!

Joni Rae

Happy Birthday to Danny!!! That is awesome. And your cake looks yummy. <3 <3 <3

Reply to Joni Rae

Thank you so much!


Looks like your biggest little one had a happy, happy day! And oh, that CAKE!

Reply to Rachael

LOL I think the cake is becoming super popular….


Looks like a great birthday. Wonderful shots! I can’t believe how fast these kids grow up.

Reply to Lynda

Thank you! I still can’t believe I’m the momma of a NINE year old!

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