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sarah is at war with the phone company .  so, i’m here as a guest until she gets back. sarah wants everyone to know that if you have to reach her you can e-mail her. she can get her e-mails on her cellphone. anyway, i’m hungry and i’m going to make nachos for lunch .

posted on January 7th 2004 at 4:58PM CST

I hope she’s well and that she takes care of the things she has to do. Come back soon, Sarah!

You do a lovely job as a guest hostess, Mary. :)

posted on January 7th 2004 at 6:07PM CST

Hahaha like the smilie animation thing ;) Tell her son happy birthday for me on Friday!! Hope everything works out in that battle :)

posted on January 7th 2004 at 8:35PM CST

Bah, damn the phone companies!
Hope everything works out for the best.

posted on January 8th 2004 at 6:30AM CST

Damn, I’ve had my own dealings with evil phone companies lately – sheesh, can anything ever be simple!

posted on January 8th 2004 at 9:56AM CST

That smiley is funny. I hope she gets sorted out with the phone company.

posted on January 8th 2004 at 2:41PM CST

wow great site, layout and domain name, have fun with the nachos :)

posted on January 8th 2004 at 5:35PM CST

Damn the man. Especially the guy running the phone companies. They seem to screw people over so much you’d think it were a career. 

posted on January 9th 2004 at 9:50AM CST

Happy Birthday to Chubs!!! Hope you get everything straightened out with the phone company soon!