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Hard Day

I am having a very hard day today, some of you know what is going on, if you don’t well those entries are for registered viewers only, so you must register to view them.

I will check every so often if anyone wants to email back and forth or chat on AIM the few times I will go on.

posted on December 14th 2004 at 9:46AM CST

i’m going to call you soon. i hope your head is better.

posted on December 14th 2004 at 11:15AM CST

I do hope that things will get much better for you soon. What did my mother used to say? Something to the effect of “Rough things build character. I used to think she was often full of hot air though. Hehehe! Don’t mind me. I have not had enough coffee yet to be completely coherent. Hugs!

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