I am Back

December 18th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

What a week! Besides the good times of ahem… goooood times…. ahem…. yeah. About to go through sex withdrawl again.

It was great having him here, not only for me but for Daniel as well. Matt got him an outfit and this football that chubs just adores. I took a ton of pictures if anyone would like to see them, just let me know!

He also gave me another shirt, then to help me feel better put his cologne all over it so I could sleep with it… PLUS he wrote more poetry PLUS he wrote me a full page letter! (Hard to read with his handwriting I know lol but I still love him none the less!)

I put what it says in the >>read more area lol. I am sappy like that!!

Hmm, I work tonight ugh. While Matt was here we went to Aldi’s he got me a ton of food for just $30! I think I will make some chicken tenders for lunch, perhaps some blueberry muffins to take on break if I have the effort lol. I made him some crescent cookies last night, I did a few in the shape of I ♥ U and he said to me just now he is going to make a cookie shrine! ehhehehe crazy crazy crazy…. speaking of cookies that is what I plan to give to everyone this year, although gifts will be a touch late since I do not get paid until next friday.

Ok good times lol

I love you so much I’m very lucky to have you in my lifetime from our first meeting each other and becoming closer to each other the many water – pop fights we had in my room to sleeping on a floor and the endless rugburns haha you have given up alot to be with me and i am grateful that you have i know we have had hard times and will have more in life but we fight our way through and we work everything out our bond and love will guide us we have a love eternal my soul makes endless love to yours i want to marry you make more bebes lots and be happy chubletto styles i love you Sarah mwwwwwwas forever

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Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a geat time!

Reply to Melissa

I am so glad you had a good time!!  and it is good to have you back! ^_^

Reply to megan

sweet letter he wrote. Happy for you :)

Reply to shari

Sarah, hey it’s great to hear you two had a great time. Good to have you back.

Reply to David

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