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I feel the love!

The only day I have off is Christmas Day ugh. I am <scripts I must install for my hostees, or any other help with people, it won’t be for a bit until my work schedule calms down or gets a touch more regular. I will try to do as much as I can this Saturday but no promises. Plus I have to make cookies for this cookie exchange at work for Sunday. I do not eat cookies but I can make some damn good ones, I figure I will make it a huge cookie night, make some for work, and others for presents… so


Bleh. I should go to sleep but I feel so out of sorts right now. Oh… Daniel said “Daddy” all clear today, Mary heard him say it while I was on the phone with her. Always a daddy boy lol.

Ok I am just going to go to bed finally!

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posted on December 19th 2003 at 6:00AM CST

I always make the ones that go fastest around here and those would be peanutbutter kiss cookies or those peanutbutter cup cookies.

posted on December 19th 2003 at 6:09AM CST

how about oatmeal cookies? you could even make oatmeal cookies with craisins. those dried cranberries that are like raisins. since i don’t like raisins. anyway, you got credits! i’ll try to call you today!

posted on December 19th 2003 at 1:14PM CST

Ya, I know how the work thing feels. I hate being so bloody busy at this time of year. It leaves no room to feel Christmas-y! Anyway, hope things settle down for you soon. Merry Christmas if I don’t come again :D

posted on December 19th 2003 at 3:19PM CST

Sorry things are so hectic for ya right now. Hmm cookies…I would settle for the regulars…Chocolate Chip, Peanut butter and Sugar. hehe. take care and happy holidays.

Steph (Imp3rfect)
posted on December 19th 2003 at 4:51PM CST

Hey Nice site! That sucks that you only get Christmas day off! But at least you get the most important day right? I LOVE making cookies it’s so much fun! I like Sugar Cookies the most but I like Peanut Butter ones too! well see-ya xoxo

posted on December 19th 2003 at 8:01PM CST

Suuuuugar cookies! Uhm, oatmeal, chocolate chip and peanut butter are also yummy.

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