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Yeah long title but alas it’s the song I am currently listening to so pretty title area thingy be damned!

As an update to the bra situation, I went and got an even exchange… this time instead of black bra’s I got a beige and a pink bra. Pink. I am still not sure if I want a pink bra. It’s so… pink.


I am planning on taking the wee child over to Lamb’s Farm, since it’s so fantastic weather wise today.

I have a billion emails to return at home, especially to Martyn hehe.

I do plan being on Skype tonight (my username is starrymom of course).

Oh I need hugs. Hug me! In naughty ways!

Oh yeah, if you’re in the “member” group and want to view private entries, email me and I will move you up.

For kicks. I love my Elyse…. especially when she’s naughty!!

Not in the mood for another entry so if you commented already… uh… comment again! Here are some photos, so far, of our day!






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posted on April 16th 2006 at 12:11AM CDT

Glad you got your bra situation sorted out.

The Lamb’s Farm outing looks fun!! I think it’s great they let the kids in then pens to touch the animals! :)

I love the sky in the second photo – looks amazing.