I Tried

May 25th 2007 / 1 minute to read

All week long I’ve been having a hard time of it and to cap it all off my throat is hurting like hell and my ankle is killing me. Just fabulous. On the plus side Jess and I have been working on something fun and I’ve been spending a ton of time at Kat’s place (even though we stay up WAY too late reading the tarot!).

How does one purge themselves of all the negativity surrounding them? To move forward without fear, without being pessimistic. How to stop feeling so completely overwhelmed? I’ve been asking myself these questions and more the past month… year… without any hint of an answer. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can continue to feel so emotionally raw and survive.


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Chien Yee

This photo is lovely
It’s hard to be positive when everything’s negative. I can’t do that, because I know I feel stupid that way. All the best though, and hopefully you can find the best answers so that you will feel better :)

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“I honestly don

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I absolutely love your site and your ‘about me’ on your sidebar made me smile quite a bit. I love the photographs you’ve been posting, they’re great. Good luck on purging yourself on the stress and negative energy around you. When you figure out the trick to it, clue me in because I’d love to do the same.

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