In Pieces

May 28th 2007 / 1 minute to read

I seem to have lost all writing ability the last few weeks, I’ve just been super stressed out, migraines galore (even today YAY!), still tons of back and neck pain from the car accident (I just don’t like talking about it), and all sorts of personal crap I can’t post on my very well known (within my family) blog. I’m behind on a billion online projects (well… four… but still!).

On the perkier side, Kat and I enjoyed some bubble goodness this weekend.

osn photo

osn photo

osn photo

I’m current waiting for the pot of water to boil, making just regular ol’ spaghetti with parm. Yum. Anyway, here are some random photos from the last few days.

osn photo

osn photo

osn photo

osn photo

osn photo

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I absolutely love the first two bubble ones, they make bubbles seem so magical and elegant!  And the last picture of your son is absolutely adorable!

Reply to Aenka

i love the photo of danny with the cat. can you send me that picture???????????????????i would love to have a copy. love, sunni, alias mom

Reply to sunni

I really haven’t felt much like typing any entries lately, either.  I’m not really that busy – just three little online courses – but ugh, I still can’t find the time or anything to talk about.  I’m lucky I found a meme to cover haha.

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Carrie Szczepanski

Those pictures are beautiful, I love the one with danny and the cat.

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