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Unfortunately, my personal life isn’t having the best of times. My son’s father keeps trying to make half-assed attempts to irritate me, and my living situation worsens each day. I simply do not make enough money to get a calm living environment for myself and my son right now. Especially when I just got signed up onto full health coverage and a 401K at work so that is a bit over $250 monthly of income that will be taken out of my paychecks. Logically, I need to do it, emotionally…. it hurts because I really am having a hard time staying here. There’s nothing anyone can say or do to make it better, aside from some sort of million dollar lottery winnings heh.

On the plus side of life, Daniel had his first doctors and dentist appointment and all is fabulous! He is very healthy, perfect teeth, practically 4’ tall already!

And lastly, this fancy man strode up to my sister, looked into her eyes, and kissed her hand. I hardly had enough time to lift my camera and take this shot! So you can see him holding my sister’s hand, looking into her eyes… right after he kissed her hand. Oh yes.

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posted on August 5th 2007 at 1:54AM CDT

you’re doing the right things in life sarah.
life was bad before you had these opportunities.
you’ll soon enough find the peace of mind and
fulfillment you richly deserve.

  i’d of kissed YOUR hand

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posted on August 5th 2007 at 4:23PM CDT

your photographs are so beautiful! i should get back into photography…i cant wait to got to the ren fair next month!!! i missed it last year so this year is gonna be twice as great!

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posted on August 6th 2007 at 4:03AM CDT

Beautiful work as always, Sarah.

I’m so sorry that you’re struggling with your situation. If I can help at all, in any way possible, let me know. I have 40ish dollars in my paypal account which you’re welcome to have, considering it was all PPP money, and I don’t particularly need it at the moment anyway, considering I’m still effectively living off my parents.

Really, let mek now. *hugs tight*

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posted on August 6th 2007 at 10:03AM CDT

What’s life without the struggles?  It is the hard times that teaches us the real lessons of appreciation.

Keep your chin up, and you will get through anything.

Also, absolutely stunning photography, like usual.

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posted on August 6th 2007 at 8:14PM CDT

Do you shoot in RAW then edit?  Your photos, as ALWAYS, are simply beautiful.

As for the money situation, I can totally relate.  I was a single mom at one time struggling to get by and hoping like hell that ONE DAY, I’d pull out of it.  I don’t know you that well but you seem like a very smart, dedicated girl so I have no doubt that you’ll pull through and everything will work itself out.  In the meantime, I’ll send whatever positive vibes I can spare your way.  :)

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posted on August 8th 2007 at 9:30AM CDT

Hello, I just stumbled upon your site!

I’m sorry about the money situation, but like Raven said above, times like those teach us the real lessons of appreciation.  It’s admirable that you’re planning for the future, even though money is tight.

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous.  I especially love the last two, the colors are so vibrant.

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posted on August 8th 2007 at 3:08PM CDT

Beautiful pictures, as always! :)

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posted on August 8th 2007 at 7:33PM CDT

I really feel for you and your son as my dad made things extremely difficult for our family.  I’m glad that things seem to be looking up for you.

On the other hand you have some really beautiful photography!  You should be very proud of your talents!  (well not too proud…)  You actually have my dream camera too.  Good work!

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posted on August 9th 2007 at 6:57PM CDT

Those are some beautiful pictures.

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posted on August 10th 2007 at 11:17AM CDT

I can’t believe that after all of these years he is still looking for ways to irritate and upset you, while shirking his own duties. I hope that one of these days he’ll grow up and move on.

Congratulations on the health insurance and 401k, even though you’re going to be hurting at the cut from your check. However, it is worth it! Dan has had his 401k for a little over a year, and there is about $2000 in it. It’s a nice little nest egg to continue building on.

And lovely pictures, as always! We are going to the PA Ren Faire next month, I can’t wait!

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posted on August 14th 2007 at 7:50PM CDT

I hope things get better for you personally. I’m really glad your son is perfectly healthy—he’s almost as tall as I am (4’10” here).

And I just adore those photos, as usual.