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posted on July 26th 2005 at 1:25PM CST

The phrase “One Starry Night” makes me think of a clear sky, full of stars, somewhere quiet and tranquil, with a clear horizon all the way around. Somewhere the cares of the modern world are put into perspective against the “great scheme of things”.

As for the website “One Starry Night” – amazing photos, passionate thoughtful & insightful writing, all bundled up into a friendly package of author & readers.

Just my 2c worth…. keep the domain name! :)

posted on July 26th 2005 at 9:54PM CST

I think of lying on a blanket on the grass. At night, looking up at the vast array of stars… and it’s beautiful.

As for the website, I think of 1)talented webmisstress and, 2) beautiful photography

posted on July 26th 2005 at 7:55PM CST

I think of a clear starry night.  Simple as that.  One that may have some kind of meaning to you, a specific romanticized night.

The website, I just think of you in all your goddess goodness.

posted on July 26th 2005 at 9:26PM CST

Nikki – That’ll be the song ‘Vincent’ (Lyrics at
About Van Gogh.

posted on July 26th 2005 at 10:06PM CST

The Van Gogh painting.

posted on July 27th 2005 at 9:56AM CST

I also think of the Van Gogh painting!

posted on July 27th 2005 at 5:18PM CST

I think of the Van Gogh painting, but I also think of a bright yellow moon in a hazy cloud of grey fog.

posted on July 27th 2005 at 11:56PM CST

i think of a dark royal blue sky verging on black with a stars glittering, and of deep vibrant green grass and laying in it and looking up at the sky

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