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March 29th 2008 / 1 minute to read

Ah right now I am watching some special on TV, “Rock and Roll Circus” and it was during a Beatles segment, sure as fucking hell I have Yoko literally screaming into the mic, the camera pans to the audience who appears to be torn between covering their ears or laughing. Jesus.

Anyway, I had an eventful day that included the ever so much joy of a speeding ticket. Also my son lost his 3rd tooth as well.

Since I’m loosing the ability to write (or more so my brain has turned to mush) here is a journey into the joy that is youtube.

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LOL! I wouldn’t know what to do if I were in the audience, either!

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james r.

Yoko Ono makes babies cry. Hard.

And you and your son are really cute together.  :)

Reply to james r.

Oh he is cute..and extremely hyper!  He must be a lot of fun, and tiring.


I love how Danny mentions Odis about 5 times as though the video is PURELY for Odis’s viewing pleasure ahahahahah. And dude THE ARM THING!!!!!

Reply to Ali

I have some questions about EE I wasn’t sure if you’d be willing to answer! :)

Reply to Crys

Danny is so cute, Sarah, and you are so good with him.  I loved the part where his arm go “cut off”.  He’s a natural comedian. :)

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