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Amanda Jillian

Very nice =]

Reply to Amanda Jillian


I love in the first one how you can see the sun shine sparkles in the top right corner! Looks like you guys have had the same weird clouds we’ve had the past few weeks… days when there are 6 to 10 different kinds of clouds in the sky! It’s been beautiful!

I was such a horrible kid… I used to pull the legs off of daddy long legs spiders… which I think is the reason why I’m not afraid of spiders anymore… I know that the chances of them hurting me are way lower than the chances of me hurting them, lol! I’d like to get a better look at your zinnias! lol

OH we’ve had some really interesting clouds lately, probably because it’s been so weird weather wise lately.

I fear and hate spiders. A billion times over!

OH not my flowers, shot that at one of the many farm stands I go to!

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