Matter of Time (ETA Again)

April 18th 2006 / 6 minutes to read

I am slightly less pissed about the bank issue, I just had to realise I will be working a lot of Saturdays in my future to get caught up bill wise now because of this crap. No… not bitter.

I will be on skype sometime tonight so add me and all of that.

I am craving avacado with some salt but alas my child dumped ALL of my salt last night so I must buy some more. Woe is me.

I swear upon all that is holy that today is one of those days where I just need a few things:

1. I need to get laid in the worse way and that sadly, isn’t going to happen anytime soon (unless, like, you’re offering in which case, yeahhh baby).
2. I need to put away all the laundry so I don’t keep digging through the basket each morning.
3. I need more naughty skype loving.
4. I need avacado with salt (seriously just avacado and salt… with maybe crackers)
5. I need to rejoice in my American Idol tonight.
6. I need for all the farmer’s markets to open up.

Give me a hug…. or a naughty hug… or throw some glitter at me. It’s all good.

ETA 5:48p
I just got home and saw the fabulous comment from my ex (Danny’s father). He is “M” aka Matt.

Because apparently using the word naughty, enjoying coffee, and liking skype, it makes me a whore of some sort. Go figure.

ETA 4/19/06 2pm
Well… not enough to say to do another entry but wow… Matt has gone crazy in my comments. He had also IM’d me with the following spastic tidbits.

[18:37] matt: i want you to stop being a Bitch but we all cant have what we want and im not blaming you hell you blamed yourself
[18:37] matt: you just forget one thing Sarah its you inability to love someone that ultimately screws you in the end
[18:37] One Starry Mom: You are the only one that feels that way about me. I am not a bitch and I do not blame myself.
[18:38] One Starry Mom: I do not have an inability to love.
[18:38] matt: look the in the mirror
[18:38] matt: you have a big time problem
[18:38] One Starry Mom: No, I don’t
[18:39] matt: really so when i said sarah are you going to spend time with me on a fridat -sat night when you were home from work only time of the week you have to stayt up and talk you ignored me and played online hmmm wow i guess thats loving someone so much or when i begged you to tell me to stay and keep trying and i got nothing
[18:39] matt: but ya know what im dumb i was stupid maybe its all me i cant love hmmmm
[18:40] One Starry Mom: You were sending me mp3’s for crying out loud, it wasn’t a date.

What hurts the most is he tries to use me as an excuse for him not parenting his son. I’ve never stopped him from writing, emailing, calling, or visiting his child. I’ve never stopped him from sending clothing or money or ANYTHING to support his son. I am by no means perfect but I work full time and overtime each week, I take my son to the park for 1-2 hours every single day after work and take him with me EVERYWHERE. I teach him the fun stuff, this week, I’ve been teaching him the days of the week and months. I am not a bad parent. I am not a bad person. I like to think I am lovable. Just because I would like to have an adult relationship and yes…. have sex (LOTS AND LOTS OF NAUGHTY SEX YES PLEASE), and get married some day doesn’t mean I am a bad parent or person. Having him attack me through our FOUR YEAR OLD SON to try and validate himself is disgusting.

Oh wait, another fun tidbit (fuels the fire).

Matt (2:58:56 PM): change Daniels last name to yours since you take care of him and are the mommy and the daddy

Ain’t he classy?

This is sad, my first real flame war and it’s all from IRL crap not even ‘net drama.

ETA 4/20/06 8am
Since I know people will jump over David’s comment. I did email him back this morning to correct him on… a lot of things he mentioned.

1. Matt did cheat on me. He had a sexual relationship for three months with some customer when he was working at Kmart.
2. He has not put a full effort into contacting his son, also, I have said this before, I find it odd he can find $200 to visit but not even $5 to help support his son.
3. My sister did work when we lived in Columbus, we just do NOT get along if we live together.
4. Matt has been involved (in the four years total of Dan’s life) for a total of 1 yr 9 months. During the total four years he’s mailed one box of clothing.
5. Obviously Matt has some feelings towards me otherwise he wouldn’t have gone crazy over my “I need laid” part of my entry. I understand that but I shouldn’t have to censor myself because of HIS feelings about ME (hopefully someday heh) having a new relationship.

Matt isn’t really good at expressing himself. He typically resorts to personal attacks. It’s just how he is. There is no defending him though because he hasn’t tried. During almost the entire time we were together, I depended on my sister and father to help financially, ESPECIALLY after I became pregnant with our son (Matt didn’t get a job until I was about 4 months pregnant and he didn’t tell his family that I was pregnant, his mother wished me and my unborn child dead at the time). Matt needs to grow up. He isn’t 16 anymore and can prance around taking money from his ill mother, crashing on friend’s couches, and pretending he isn’t an almost 30 yr old man with a child he doesn’t see or support, no job, and no motivation to have a better future.

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So, who do you like for American Idol?

Reply to Joshua

:P i could skype you… but i have a terrible english!, anyway HUGS!

Reply to brocc

beginning to see that maybe that the Twin is right about you in a couple ways and to say that really means the world is coming to an end BTW i did put back #1 status but my sites Skootch free dont even know what you are anymore used to lean towards sweet and perky now im leaning towards more Demanding and selfish so won’t the REAL Sarah please satnd up please stand up because all I see if a Coffee drinking Skype Hoochin Glitter and Naughty WannaBe

Reply to M

“M”, some of us have stuck with Sarah for quite a few years (I myself have known her since right before Daniel’s birth) and know exactly what’s going on. You can twist and manipulate words all you want, but in the end the truth stands: Sarah is raising your son alone, you’re nowhere near her and are too busy doing God know’s what to provide half decent support.

We judge on facts, not fiction – so stop spewing it.

And I’d also suggest quitting with the personal attacks against Sarah. Be a man here – not a little boy upset because he’s been caught being bad (or in your case, just an ass).

Reply to Jenn

wow Mary yep you got it right im eminem thru and thru looks like ya found me out guess that makes Sarah my Kim and as far as being the boy-all-bad-girl-want dont hate on my name you know nothing about me or what i do day to day and to the rest of you wooooow quick to jump in and talk smack to bad you didnt have to go thru the 6 years of hell i did then maybe you would understand and STFU oh and if you read her site everyday to see her cry about something new in her life thats sad get a life whatever happens between Sarah and I is none of your business and Sarah you did this hope Danny understands why in the future his daddy isnt around oh wait its because his mother is a selfish whiner who cant deal with her own self destructive issues

Reply to M

Jenn funn because around the time Daniel was being bored i was the only one doing anything while Sarah sat on her arse and cried i want this and i need that and after Daniel was born i seem to recall taking care of him watching him teaching him while sarah was gone and when she was around to lazy to do basic living skills so dont act like you know about me you know nothing Sarah tells her side of the story and i never said anything until recently im done dealing with her attitude changes and mood swings she can use co-dependency as an excuse but at the end of the day Sarah just needs people to do for her what she avoids like the plague my son suffers because of it and this skype crap is hurting him instead of talking to online people maybe she should be using her enrgy on him im not alone others think the same way i do hence the Twin and we never ever agree on anything so maybe its a sign think about that

Reply to M

Hey Stupid Ass, don’t act like you know Sarah or myself.  I never agree with any word coming out of your deadbeat ass.  You know nothing about Sarah,you know nothing about me,and you especially know nothing about your son.  You do NOT make an effort to help him.  I am his “daddy” in the respect that I help buy him new clothes ($50 worth hello Old Navy just yesterday!!) I help buy food, I play and talk with him.  I bet you don’t even know his favorite color or that he knows the days of the week.  Or that he can do the “fire pole” at the park.
Until you get off your ass and support your child and stop lurking like some creepy stalker, you have no ground to stand on whatsoever. You are such a sad person that you have to become like this.  Honestly I am glad my nephew doesn’t have you in his life to show him your actions.  He is becoming a better child for it so it seems.

Reply to Ali

A whore? Who says? Some right-wing christian fucktard? Do what makes you happy – and I drink way too much coffee, haha.

So what’s “skype” I have never heard the word before… and good luck on finding someone to err, do you. Heehee.


Reply to Ashley

wow i feel so bad for my son right now ali you say your more of a father thats funny i sure know i myself wouldnt want a wannabe lesbiano as a dad but hey im normal what do i know and as far as sarah telling people more stuff about Daniel yeah that maybe be true but thats the whole point of why i first left a comment on here and vented my problems with her and how she is see the really sad part of the whole thing is sarah and i were done she was supposed to go live with ali and her dad and they didnt want her so she begged to comeback and live with me again and then she got pregnant and i tried hard to make it work because i wanted danny to be happy and for a while it was oks but one thing that none of you see is the real everday sarah that has issues that is supposed to be on meds for being bi polar oh and not to mention i hate life i need attention im going to try and kill myself yeah thats a winner but i mean hey my son can learn so much from that right soooooo if you really think i dont know anything about your sister ali thats fine makes me laugh i know the two of you together for more than a days time is like hell on earth you both lie and steal from each other i think its sad im an only child and that makes me so grateful im still and only child so sarah when you read this know one thing your friends and online groupies love you but at the end of the day daniel will see thru you i know this because daniel is half of me and i saw thru you from day one so goodluck with trying to bullshit him as the years go on because he will live to hate you as i have but i mean im sure your online and your site will fill that void for you as its always have before

Reply to M

You know – I wasnt gonna say anything, because well – I dont know either of you all that well. Although, I do know Sarah from a message board, and I read what she writes and she seems to be a pretty awesome person.

But then again – I must be brainwashed and weird, because Im gonna support a single mom working full-time to support her son, over a dead-beat asshole father.

Yup – I am completely screwed up there.

Sarah has a god-given right to do what she wants with her life without your obnoxious interference. Obviously you two are over for a reason, so suck it up, move on, and get a LIFE. Stop harassing your ex and trying to blame her for being a bad father. Its not her fault that you arent there for whatever reason. Get some balls.

And on a side note – I am bipolar and I love to do naughty things, although I dont drink coffee or skype, therefore I am nowhere near as horrible as you Sarah. lol

Reply to Stacy

I’m definitely worse than Sarah, because i love to suck and fuck and do all sorts of other unmentionables all the damn time.

And on top of that, I love glitter. In fact, I’m wearing glitter right now! Yup, I’m one hell of a whore, huh?

It looks like Sarah and myself and the rest of us sex-desiring glitter-wearing females can just go whore it up together, WHEE!

Reply to Jenn

Dude – we could have a sex party! With lots of glitter, and girly toys. ;) And we could pass around print offs of all the ignorant things Matt has said and laugh hysterically.

Man – that would be awesome.

Reply to Stacy

^ Stacy, will the passing around of print offs be before or after we all have awesome naughty glitter-covered sex?

*pulls out the toys and gets the batteries charging*

Reply to Jenn

Matt – your arguments would be percieved as much less ignorant and laughable if you would just learn to use punctuation and grammar. Trust me, it does a body good.

Jenn – after. Everything is funnier when you are on an orgasmic high.

Reply to Stacy

Wow Sarah nice entry you forgot about the rest of that convo but selective memory is good its what you do best good thing i remember what else was said i seem to recall saying next i wasnt talking about present firday -sat i was talking about when we lived together ego much and Mary I wouldnt be talking about love to much seeing as you are alone and just screw guys i mean love guys oops my bad and Sarah you stalked me you had a fit about my myspace pretty sad actually hope you werent jealous people actually talk to me the world doesnt revolve around just the mother of my child

Reply to M

wow like i didnt see you copying and pasting that for another part of this entry so so sad anyways its like this im not a bad father i love my son more than anything i was the first to hold him i took care of him when sarah was unable to and i would do anything for him the part that sarah always leaves out is she makes it where i cant help my son you dont know sarahs spending ways how she is with money in general im not going to help her with another new ipod she doesnt need or a new tower that is oohhhhh sooooo cool and the whole car thing i told her not to buy a brand new one because it would kill her budget but she has to have shiny sparkly objects forget anything else trust me i know it first hand and as far as talking to daniel yeah goodluck with that when she actually does answer the phone its so this that and the other all about me me me im like yeah can i talk to Danny now thanks just like the other day when she text me hey want some pics i took i assumed of new pics of the chubs yeah send and what i got was her trying to look skootchtastic not exactly what i was hoping for but hey im crazy and a bad father because i want to talk to my son and see pictures of him ohhhh sarah you also left out the main reason i am back here hmmmm lets see im helping my family something your family cant understand family helping family thats a crime how dare they i mean if you want i could just do what i did before and move far away and not tell you and you wouldnt have a clue but that wouldnt be fair to Danny and through all of this and the fighting before i love my son and im not trying to hurt him im trying to get his mother to wake up and realize that when that little boy asks why cant daddy come to play or come over the answer is because mommy has issues and refuses to be an adult

Reply to M

P Sarah remember that its a number you will learn to hate

Reply to M

Why 50%?  Why will she supposedly come to hate that number?  Do you imagine that you have some kind of power to disrupt Sarah’s life?  In your delusions do you imagine some custody judge smiling favorably upon you? 

Let me explain something to you, stupid.  Any judge worth their salt is going to see that Sarah is doing all of the parenting.  As far as awarded rights go, you’ll get nothing, or next to nothing.  But that’s what you want, isn’t it?  You want a judge to absolve you of responsibility. 

Well guess what, loser?  A judge can only strip you of parental rights.  You’ll never be rid of the responsibility.  18 years of delinquent child support.  If there isn’t already a judgment against you, you’d better believe the judge will back order child support from the day her son was born.

I see you sitting in your mom’s basement, playing video games all day and getting fat off of potato chips.  A wretched, pathetic creature who has abandoned his child.

Reply to Joshua

Matt’s a dick.
Enough said.

Hope things get better.  <3

Reply to MissBehave

Lisa I said everything I needed to say to Sarah already and you people all got it wrong my intentions when I first left the original Comment was to wake Sarah up get her attention and maybe asnwer the phone so I could talk to my son im not attacking Sarah and all Sarah has to do is turn off the comments on here and it would be done and over with simple right wrong she wants the drama she likes having people feel so sorry for her and tell her she is right and everything is ok and Matt’s just an A-hole well thats great n all but its not the truth and Sarah this is for you im NOT attacking you so get over yourself

Reply to M

Wow, everyone here may wanna take some sorta chill-pill…I would recommend maybe like ice cream or something. Matt had a valid reason to complain earlier. He didn’t appreciate seeing Sarah writing about needing to get some bootay (or however the hip kids spell it.) In fact, he was chastized for less than that on his old myspace site. 98% of the people who are on that site are just randoms anyhow. There’s a LARGE difference between the people that are on there versus those who are regulars at people’s specific blog sites.
He just went off the deep end with his post since he doesn’t have any idea how to properly express or articulate what he was trying to get across (damn you and your English skills, Matt).
Ali, I know you see Matt as a bum… I remember when you came down to permenantly “visit” Sarah in Columbus… I also remember the only one working in that apartment at the time was Matt.
The fact that these two have taken turns not working shouldn’t be overlooked. However, Sarah turned that around and has done a great job of keeping steady work since (even though her job sounds like it really sucks at times).
Amber, hey… be more random ok? Act like you know the situation from any side… please?!? Matt has NEVER cheated on Sarah, thank you… and yes, I know that for sure. Also, please act like Matt hasn’t sent clothes and presents to Daniel ok? Act like he hasn’t tried to arrange trips out to see his son? Act like he hasn’t tried to call Daniel VERY often? If you don’t know any of the facts, then use a clue. If you have none, then you are clueless (ie; what you are in this situation).
Sarah, you know how I feel about what Matt did. Being a father, you know how I feel about him leaving like that. But you do tend to present only the negative side of him on this site. Obviously, it IS your site and you’re free to post about whatever you want (your pictures rock by the way), but maybe you should have considered how Matt would take that comment. I know you were upset with him over that myspace thing, but think how you he’s feeling about that whole skype (or whatever it is) thing. PM’n some random person like 18 states away is different than webcamming with someone for hours. Also, when he calls… let him talk to his son (especially when it’s Easter).
Matt, stop bombing her site you big fucking goober (:-) You’re not getting your point across like this, and (this is a guess) probably not earning any points with her friends. You two both need a serious chat… Either in person or over the phone. Just 1 on 1 time to clear things up. It’ll never be like it was, but you do need to act right (or I’ll beat you unmercifully at basketball lol).
Lisa, glad to see at least one person kept a cool head throughout. :-)
Sorry if this post has ruffled any feathers.

Reply to David

Timm, if you’re not in the military then shhhh yourself. I know my british buddies that I met in Iraq would agree with that we’ve lost enough people.

Reply to David

Matt, get a fucking life.  Stop being such a queen.  Be a man for ONCE.  And by “daddy” I meant that I help support.  I know that when I have children with my boyfriend in the far future, he will be there for our kids like he is for Sarah’s right now.
Its up to you whether you want to pay child support or have her get a court order for the next 14 years plus back child support for 4 years.  Because you obviously won’t do anything else for your son.
Dude, Sarah it’s nice outside today.  And did you call the RecPlex to ask about whether that payment was for the whole session??
To all those who have backed Sari up, you are all glorious and glittery. Mary and Ambie…

Reply to Ali

I worked the WHOLE time at Babies R Us..dude I freaking worked with Katie!  You should call the girl Matt cheated on Sarah with…I did.  Boy was that some hell on both ends.  He didn’t even tell her he was a daddy with an almost 2 year old at the time.
Matt has no right anymore in Sarah’s life.  He should only concern himself with his and his son’s life. He doesn’t call to talk to his son only to tell Sarah BS.  Sarah could be sleeping with a person if she wanted and he has no say in it.
As for the whole Military comment, I do agree with you David.  My boyfriend has told me how Iraq was for him when he was there when the war started and even I suprisingly enough, couldn’t see Matt being strong enough to handle that and not come back more jacked in the head.
Sorry Sarah, you need to post a new entry so that people stop getting sucked into this queen’s drama!

Reply to Ali

Man..I’m sorry he feels the need to act like such an ass to you. :/ And from what it seems, he needs a good ass kicking. Like NOW.

Reply to Jacqueline

I used to be married to a pile of poo very similar to this. I only WISH he had nothing to do with our kids. That would make me incredibly happy. More power to you, for doing it on your own. Don’t worry about Daniel, when he grows up (and even sooner, really), he’ll know who was there to take care of him. Matt seems to be using you as an excuse for NOT being there for Daniel. Completely ridiculous. And, being as you are not together, I don’t see where he has any say whatsoever in what you post here. This IS your site, after all.
Keep on keepin’ on, Sarah.


Just for you Sari…50!

Reply to Ali

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