April 12th 2002 / 1 minute to read

How insane is this, I was in the recliner, nursing Daniel, when I happened to look outside the window. I then notice two girls 10 years of age, probably 8 but heck who knows, anyways, one of the girls is holding this SHARP big steak knife and hacking at the bush outside of our window! I ask you, WHERE are these kids parents? How did they get ahold of a sharp knife to PLAY with??
Also in evil apartment stuff, in the past two days we have had FOUR huge ass scary looking spiders. I am having a nervous breakdown about one getting near the baby. Tomorrow we should be moved into the upstairs apartment which I am hoping will be bug free since it will be on a higher level. I can not wait till our lease is up. Only 5 months to go…

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