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September 19th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

Right now I am cooking a beef stew with four kinds of mushrooms, four kinds of squash lol.

I finally stopped working on Pick-Me last week, I realised that after months and months of working on it… what did I get in return? Shadow was the only person that acknowledged my existance and just ehhh… I feel it should be left to the owners to fix and update, etc.

I am going to get started on a new design job tonight, then tomorrow, back to work!

I bought my son a big wheel last night lol, he loves it so much! He even ate his dinner in it last night lol.

I wouldn’t mind some recipes that are super fast to make, by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is cook. I wouldn’t mind recipes where I can cook on the weekend and re-heat during the week. I already am going to take some of Jaded’s suggestions and take some ground beef and pre-do some meatballs, maybe pre-do some taco meat, etc.

Ok, well I am going to make some cheddar garlic biscuits to go with the stew and a salad so I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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I can send you a recipe for goulash and a sort of shepard’s pie, if you’d like. :) Easy to make, and easy to put in the fridge for later. Some of my favorite meals.

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That stew sounds delicious, mmm mm. Can I come over? lol. If you want a couple fast recipes I can send you some. In particular I’m thinking of these two quesadilla recipes -one zucchini & monterrey jack cheese; and the other mushroom, spinach & feta. They are very tasty and take less than 20min to prepare altogether.

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You can premade spagetti and lasagne too, actually it’s better if you pre-cook them. Also if you cook lasagne in those disposible foil type take away containers you wont have much to wash up afterwards. I have a recipe for super easy, fake white sauce as well as spinach and riccotta lasagne (which is a work in progress but still tastes all right).

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Dealing with the girls, I’ve come across tons of good quick recipes. I’ll try to get some of them together and send em your way. Though it probably won’t be till the weekend

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Look for a magazine called Taste of Home’s Quick Cooking. It usually has some great meal ideas, and they are simple and fast and tasty. I love Pizza Soup, and Pour and Bake Pizza, Easy Chicken Pot Pie, all recipes that I got from Quick Cooking. Plus there are always ideas for cooking with the kids.

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Here’s the url for Quick Cooking’s website…

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