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Well I cast on the bottom of my friend’s bag tonight, got a wee bit done, hope to have it finished this week! I hope she likes it!

Much too lazy for a new entry, here is the progress I made tonight, Nov 15th.

Even if you already commented on the earlier progress, by all means comment on the latest progress lol!

posted on November 15th 2004 at 10:18AM CST

Wow, you are fast. LOL! I LOVE the colors too. It looks really great.

Joe B.
posted on November 15th 2004 at 2:47PM CST

Hi sari!  I am SO impressed with your mad skills!! I wish (as gay as this sounds) that I could knit like that way to go! anyway I’ve been chicking OSN for a while just cause… noticed Ami was no longer a hostee.. whats the word there?  Ok ok this is a comment so I’ll stop now, bye!

posted on November 15th 2004 at 5:32PM CST

Very spiffy, Sarah. :)

posted on November 16th 2004 at 4:26PM CST

Wow I’m so impressed by the creativity and the skills! I really wish I could learn to knit like that…

posted on November 20th 2004 at 11:40AM CST

I LOVE the bag. I am just learnign to knit so I am relly interested in the pattern Do you mind sharing?