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So first off, the happy goodness that brought sunshine into my life today.


That’s right, a postcard from London from my friend Martyn! {hugs} So awesome!!

I think this is an actual dragonfly, it was flitting about so thats why it looks a bit blurry.


So today was the glorious Midsummer, hopefully everyone had a wonderful day!

Oh… is it boring for me to post so many photographs?

posted on June 21st 2005 at 11:05PM CDT

I love your photos—it’s the way you share your life with us. I am honored that you feel able to do so! They are good photos too!!!

posted on June 22nd 2005 at 11:49AM CDT

Dang that was fast – posted Saturday afternoon & arrived Tuesday!  :ahhh:

Your photo’s are amazingly good – just wish I could acheive half the quality you do! Keep posting as they are inspiring me to try harder :)

posted on June 26th 2005 at 9:27PM CDT

I love your pictures. :)

posted on June 27th 2005 at 5:37AM CDT

Actually, it’s a damselfly. Similar to a dragonfly, but smaller, and usually bright blue. Great photo, though!