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I am determined to save enough money to move out of here in 2-3 months. I have $125 now, some of it is from online work, another is an awesome person, Sarah, sent me just… damn love her so much right now!!

So any suggestions people?!?! I am not asking for free money although by all means, but online work wise. I have some pagan magazines I can sell… some books, I can burn cds for you, selling layouts, a lot of Daniel’s old baby clothes, I don’t need ALL of them heh, etc. I would prefer to work for any money but won’t say no to donations haha. So yeah. I want to move home! I want to be comfy and happy and my son healthy and not being told I am a bad mother!

So I am willing to do anything to raise enough, which is like 4,000 to move by September!!!

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posted on June 13th 2003 at 10:13PM CDT

That’s a good start Sarah… good luck! Takes me FOREVER to save that kinda cash…

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posted on June 14th 2003 at 8:12PM CDT

Hm…have you thought of maybe using those affiliate programs where every time a person clicks a link on your site, you get cash? Id help you by clicking a million times, heh.