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December 31st 2001 / 2 minutes to read

Well let me tell you all how my Sunday went.

Matt and I head to Giant Eagle, we are in the parking lot after getting gas, I get sick with a sudden headache. That could be a bad sign. So he says okey we are going to the hospital. We go. I pee in a cup, fun, get onto the monitors, the resident gives me an internal, I am a fingertip dialted. She goes “he is head down”. They bring in the ultrasound machine. My son is currently in a full breech position. So thus begins, is there REALLY only one in there? After 30 minutes, yes there IS only ONE in there and he is STILL a boy. I about start crying then and there. Breech almost ALWAYS means automatic c-section. So a few more internals, fun, get back on the monitor, about 2 hours later my nurse and the resident come RUNNING in. “ARE YOU HAVING CONTRACTIONS” mind you I am half asleep, “Ummm am I?” turns ou the monitors were picking up that I was contracting heavily, not like I would WANT to feel them heh. Sooo they suck my blood, and give me two bags of IV fluids, which brought the contractions to mini blips on the screen.

So that was 6 hours there. I cried so much when we got home. The nuse gave us c-section information and a postion to HOPEFULLY get the baby to turn, but considering I am now 38 weeks, it might be too far to do anything. I am very scared. Oh yeah, some idiot called around 11pm my time last night. You would think people would understand after the day I had I would not want phone calls also the fact I am 9 months pregnant I can’t even GET to the damn phone. That REALLY upset me. I needed my sleep SO bad.

Well that is it for now.

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