December 29th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

I am only awake because I had extremely painful heartburn wake me up. Sucks.

I want to thank everyone for their concern about earlier. I still have no clue what happened. Ali and Matt are convinced I could birth any second now heh. I am like “PLEASE let me have ONE appointment with the new OB first!” I know the baby is okay because I felt him move when I went to bed, I just, dunno, dislike the not knowing WHEN I will go into labor and how I will know, aside from my water breaking,it is “time” since well I was having pain today, ugh just, ugh. I also realized I forgot to mention that while at the bank today TWO of the bank people, who know I am pregnant, heck one of them remembers my due date! Anyways “Any day now huh!” I’m like haha well in like two week yep. So we go to the dollar store for the dishwashing liquid and the cashier ALL loud “ANY DAY NOW HUH” I was like no, I am due in two weeks and 2 days, “YEAH SO LIKE I SAID ANY DAY NOW” then goes on to say “It’s a BOY HUH” I’m like uh huh, “I CAN TELL BECAUSE YOU ARE CARRYING SOOOO HIGH” I was like yep, high, thats nice, bye now! Well, at least no one fondled the belly this time around!!

On a perky note, I added Clique images made by Crystal which I thought was very nice. One of her hostees had joined. Okey well going to upload those, and check some sites, and TRY to go back to sleep since Matt will be home in less than an hour. ANDDDDDDDDDD I wanted to say a happy belated birthday to Amiee.

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