News on Sarah… Author: Mary

April 29th 2005 / 1 minute to read

this is mary again with another update about sarah. i’m on the phone with her at the moment. i’ve read every comment she’s recieved to her and she’s very grateful to everyone for leaving such kind words. she’s got a migraine today from not being able to eat. she said she’s not been able to sleep very well either. the scan she had yesterday afternoon showed another stone in her gallbladder blocking an opening to let it pass. so, they’re discussing options on how to get rid of it. she will be talking to a specialist today. sarah has asked me to let you guys know that if you want her phone number in the hospital to e-mail me directly. my e-mail address is [email protected] and i’ll respond to any e-mails as soon as possible. thanks again for all the comments. i’ll post more when i know more.

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Hey, this is Malory again.  Could you please tell Sarah that during the Beltane ritual we’ll be sending her lots of healing energy?

Thank you.

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