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here’s the latest. the doctors did a scan of her gallbladder they found a gallstone but, no swelling of the gallbladder itself. she’s still on morphine. they’ve also, started giving her an antibiotic. this afternoon they ran a test on her where they had to inject her with radioactive dye and have her lay flat on her back under a camera for 3 hours. she’s hungry but, is only allowed ice chips. and just recently was allowed water. she’s still waiting for test results. there still isn’t an official diagnosis. her sister is still with her. and she’s grateful for that because, she’s a bit scared as you can imagine. other then that she seems to be in a pretty decent mood all things considered. i did read to her all of the comments that were left for her. so, if anyone else would like to leave a message for her i’ll pass it on when i speak to her later this evening. thanks for all of your words of kindness. they are most appreciated.

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posted on April 28th 2005 at 6:41PM CDT

Poor Sarah!  -Sends hugs-

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posted on April 28th 2005 at 11:27PM CDT

I thought I posted earlier but I don’t see it, anyway tell Sarah that I am thinking of her and hoping for a quick recovery!! {{{hugs}}} to ya Sarah!

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posted on April 28th 2005 at 11:45PM CDT

Oh my god! :( Sarah, hon, I hope you are doing better real soon and are out of the hospital asap! I’m thinking about you! I’m going to miss talking to you all day tomorrow. If you’re bored in the hospital and want me to call (‘cause its free for me, remember? lol) just let me know!

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posted on April 29th 2005 at 9:23AM CDT

Tell her I hope she gets better soon.

Sending my best wishes,

V xx