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i just got off the phone with sarah and it looks like they’re talking about surgery. she also, says they’ve taken 17 viles of her blood. she’s feeling a bit like a pin cushion at this point. i did get her to giggle a time or two so, she’s still her perky self as much as she can be. but, she does miss her son so, much. and even though the morphine injections are beginning to sting a bit she does carress and love it because, i think morphine is becoming one of her best friends. it’s been helping with the pain. she’s still not allowed to eat. and one of the nurses just told her she can’t drink water anymore. when she gets out of the hospital i think she needs a big steak dinner and baked potato! give her back the much needed tasty goodness of some of her favorite foods! if anyone wants to send her a lovely glittery e-card i’m sure she’d love to see it when she gets home. i’ll be back again with more updates as i get them.

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posted on April 30th 2005 at 3:40AM CDT

Oh my poor Sarah!! I haven’t had internet for the past couple of days so I had no idea either! Tell her I am thinking about her and that she should have a card from me when she gets home that I mailed out 2 days ago. And now another pretty glittery one that I plan to purchase tomorrow to help make her feel better. *sends big huggles*