Nummy Chicken

January 23rd 2006 / 1 minute to read

I am so blah today, maybe I am getting a cold?

I removed Healthy, might start a new “regular” board with a “healthy” section instead and a photography section hehe.

I re-added the plugboard and guestbook.

I think I am going to make chicken breasts with sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and mini penne for dinner. So much effort to stand at a stove though.

I am so woeful today because due to someone misleading me about American Idol, I do not have the glee awaiting me tonight.

I am going to prance and make dinner.



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that looks really good. did you save me some? i’ll be calling you at work tomorrow to see if you did. and i know chef daniel added his own certain special spices. *laughs* he’s so, cute.

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I love this design!!!  So, so much!!

And wow, that looks so delicious!!!  Is that some kind of Penne pasta dish??  MMmm!

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