Why My Oldest Son Rocks!

August 27th 2010 / 1 minute to read


When I went from being a single full-time working mother to ONE child to being a stay at home momma to TWO boys, to say it’s been an adjustment would be an understatement.

I don’t think I could have done it if it wasn’t for my oldest son, Daniel.

Here is just a SMALL list of what he does on a DAILY basis to help me out:

  • Changes the baby’s pee diapers
  • Unloads the dishwasher
  • Loads/unloads the dryer
  • Plays with his baby brother for HOURS
  • Believes he is a Sith Lord and is teaching his baby brother to be of the dark side
  • Keeps the cat watered and fed
  • Indulges me when I want to shoot photos
  • Is VERY protective of his family
  • Loves his family SO much

I have emotionally hard days, especially after the failed VBAC and I don’t think I would be able to function if it wasn’t for all the help Danny does around here!

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Your son sounds like a little prince! Having such a well behaved child makes being a sahm so much easier & enjoyable. My little sis has 3 kids – 9, 2 & 9 months. The 9 yr old helps her so much with the little ones, it helps her a lot. Enjoy your babies! :)

LOL well he’s FAR from well-behaved, but I think overall his heart is always in the right place!

I'm a full-time mummy

Awwww… Daniel totally rocks! I hope my boy will be helpful too when we plan for our next one! :D

Reply to I'm a full-time mummy

I was so worried that he wouldn’t connect to his baby brother because of the age difference but really, they LOVE each other so fiercely!


Aww. That is so sweet! What a good guy he’s going to grow up to be!!!

Reply to Penny

Oh yes, he CHOSE to start changing diapers, I swear if there was an Ergo in his size, he would be babywearing too lol.


This is terribly sweet. For a quick post, it’s rich and full of emotion. What a precious memory you’ve carved for yourself here. :)

You are raising him to be an honorable and genuine man – that rocks.

Reply to Lynda

Thank you! One can only hope right!


What a lovely post to read about a precious son!

Reply to Bev

Aw thank you!


What a great boy! Sounds like you have an amazing son! I especially like that he is a sith lord!

Reply to Kasie

Oh yes, I am just relieved he is finally getting out of the power ranger phase! At least Star Wars I can handle to a degree lol.


Daniel is an all around awesome kid! (And I can’t believe how much he’s grown!!)

Reply to MJ

I KNOW! I can’t believe he is almost 9 yrs old!


Not only is Daniel already a heart-breaker with those gorgeous eyes, it sounds like he has a very lovely soul. I’m sure his genes come from you : – )

You’re a lucky woman to have such a person in her family.

Enjoy the weekend!

Reply to Andree

Aww thank you! I always joke that if I didn’t know better, I would swear Dan is biologically Keith’s just because of the mannerisms and shared interests. Danny has some physical resemblance to his biological father but that’s about as far as it goes.


what a good boy! and that just means you are a good mama who raised him right!

Reply to liz

Thank you so much! He’s already expressed an interest in us having another baby LOL, he wants another brother apparently!

He is so handsome! What a lucky mama you are to have him as a helper! Hunter plays nicely with Landon sometimes. At least he hasn’t been punching him anymore!

Thank you!! LOL I’m glad the punching has stopped!

Haha but now Landon is biting Hunter. Oh the joy of having more than 1 kid. :P


Aww…this is too sweet! And what a wonderful boy he must be! Does he read yet? I’m sure that it would make his day to know what his momma thinks about him and how indispensable his help is. :-)

Reply to Kristen

Thank you! He reads a little bit and only on rare occasions. It’s hard for me because I LOVE to read and wish he shared in that passion!


this is so touching! :)
your very lucky to have such a wonderful caring son. most kids wouldn’t help out like that.
sounds like you’ve done an amazing job raising him.

Reply to Deidre

Aww thank you! He is very sweet especially to his baby brother, they love each other SO MUCH!


Wow that is amazing, I don’t my own brother who is 20 would do that now..

Reply to Damita

LOL! It’s weird because I don’t have a strong loving relationship with either of my siblings so to see my boys interact with each other is like getting a glimpse into a whole other world!

Echo S.

That’s awesome. He really does rock!

And commenting two posts in one because it’s hard on an iPod, I think his decision to try school again is a big one. I wish him the best- maybe you could find a way for him to ease into it? Studying at home and in school? Like sixty forty until he catches up?

I went to a ton of schools until third grade, then we homes hooked the rest of the way. I think it would have been better the other way around.

Also with his reading- maybe closed captioning running when he watches tv or videos? Even if he barely watches tv it could be a big help.

Reply to Echo S.

We are going to look into online schools, he seems interested in the idea and I can see it working for us for sure.

I think he knows more words then he lets on, however, he seems to loathe “reading”. I do know his biological father NEVER read and was “anti” anything that was specific to “learning” in his eyes. It’s possible that during those five months, he transferred those views over. As it is, we are STILL dealing with night/sleep terrors from those FIVE months he lived with them!

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