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Look at all that bokeh! So professional. You must have a really good camera to take such good pictures… JUST KIDDING. :)

In all honesty I really do like the composition of the first one. My eye keeps going to the one flower that is in focus. I can’t quite tell if you added texture to these in post or if that gorgeous background is all from the 85mm. Either way I like them both.

HAHAHA love!

That is ALL from the 85mm!!

I swear…time stands still for you and your camera. Everything you photograph – whethere it’s flowers, birds, bees – they seem to lay down for you almost begging you to take a shot.
Three words: YOU. ARE. TALENTED.

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Aww you are beyond kind!!


i looked up and down and up again…i love them both. no favorite this time!!

Reply to liz

YAY it’s like a challenge LOL!

As always, such lovely photos. Very ethereal, beautiful photos.

Thank you so much Danielle!

Ok, I definitely need that lens. And also photography lessons. If I ever win the lottery I am flying you here to give them to me personally!! You’re pictures are fantastic!

Is the 85mm only for bokeh? (also, what exactly is bokeh? I only have a vague idea)

I am in LOVE with this lens. I haven’t really touched my macro lately at all!!

For bokeh, Wikipedia says it best!

No, it’s a good lens no matter how wide open you are, but I love bokeh LOL


Hi Sarah!

These are sooooo lovely!

Apologies I’ve not been around – am feeling blah and in a slump…..wish I could get some of that momentum back!

Your photos really are poetic though — you manage to capture light….

Hope you are well!

Reply to Andree

Awww thank you SO much!!!


Really nice! I like both of these.

Reply to Cheryl

Thank you Cheryl!

I love love the bokeh. so beautiful..

Thank you so much Michelle!

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