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I have been up since 4am working on yet another new section….i have it partly done at least for the time being…its tripping me out i can literally FEEL the top of my uterus right under my belly button!! considering the top pre pregnancy is usually right below your pubic bone im pretty amazed how a body part can grow SO fast! of course i do have those pelvic bone pains….ice packs help though! im still trying to decide on a crib set since the lennon one *my god* is just too yellow for me….im considering a sky theme its clouds and stars etc, would go for ethier sex imo…the morning sickness seems to have calmed down *FINALLY you would think at a few days before 18 weeks it WOULD stop!* i still have annoying nausea but thats MUCH better than hurling ALL the time!!! hmmm what other pregnancy things have i noticed…oh yes the peeing on the hour every hour…don’t even have to DRINK anything and yet i will still have a full bladder…hmmmm i think thats about it! oh i am looking at that bebe sounds thingy they have at baby stores and i wonder if its a good thing to buy…i will have to look into that

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