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posted on November 2nd 2011 at 4:49PM CDT

Happy Anniversary! YAY! We’re ancient together! I’m so glad you’ve been around for this long, and I’m so glad that we reconnected!

I started in spring of 2001 on LiveJournal. Then you hosted one of my first non-geocities websites. LOL In 2004, our wedding website morphed into a blog. In 2006, I started my adoption blog. And in 2008, I moved to the current family blog URL.

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 6:14PM CDT

Thank you!

I think it’s SO neat that you were a former hostee… back in the days of hostees LOL! We domain owners were elite LOL!!!

Since you’ve been blogging as long as I have, what do you think of how it’s changed over the past decade?

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 7:38AM CDT

Blogging for stuff. Back in 2001, if you blogged about a product, it was because you purchased it and you believe in it. (Or, also, you hated it.) I miss those days a lot. I went through the cycle of liking free things to kind of avoiding them anymore.

I do know this: trolls are still around! heh

posted on November 4th 2011 at 11:03AM CDT

It was more… honest back then. You didn’t have to worry about impressing anyone.

LOL yep, trolls are like roaches, they will never die!

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 4:49PM CDT

Wow — time flies! Congrats!! I just passed my two-year mark and couldn’t believe it. :)

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 6:14PM CDT

Thank you!!!!

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 5:06PM CDT

Happy Birthday!! My blog is 3 years old, and since I started it the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child I love having that reminder of exactly how long I’ve been a mother. Awwww….I’m so sappy.

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 6:17PM CDT

That is awesome! I started blogging (about 7 months or so before buying OSN) a month before I got pregnant with my oldest. It’s HYSTERICAL those posts, “I’m SOOO tired I don’t know why” “My period is due ANY DAY now!!” “I LOVE REFRIED BEANS AND I’M SLEEPY!!!”

Even with the little one, aside from picking fights with my then BF (now husband) I had NO clue I was pregnant lol.

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 5:17PM CDT

Happy Blogging Birthday!

I’m pretty sure my total blogging would not add up to even 2 1/2 years. I have had 3 blogs over the years. One I used for two posts (my husband’s idea). One I blogged pretty regularly for about a year and a half or two years. Now, my last one is something I hang on to because i like the idea of blogging, but I’ve never had a theme or “passion” for my blog, so I struggle with the why of the posting.

posted on November 2nd 2011 at 6:20PM CDT

Thank you!! I have almost 11yrs blogging, I originally had a domain with my twin sister in March of 2011 then moved to OSN in Nov of 2011.

LOL I’ve always struggled with why/what to post. ALWAYS!

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 2:48AM CDT

Happy Birthday!
OSN is one of my favorite blogs over the last years. I love your designs (you inspired me a lot!), your photos and the way you blog personal thoughts and stuff. Keep up your wonderful work ;-)

I started blogging in 2005 and discovered the great possibilities of WordPress in 2006. I SO love WordPress. I´m sure, if i´d know how to make it clean up it could!

posted on November 4th 2011 at 11:01AM CDT

Aww thank you so much!

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 8:05AM CDT

WOW I am in awe oh great blog mistress *bows* hehehe

I’ve only been at my new blog (blissful moon) since Oct 11, 2011 but before that I started blogging March 6, 2006 with a free blog, through the learning process switched to a different blog and then co-authored a blog with a friend at the same time, and then eventually got my own domain Oct. 2007 with a blog to journal my weight loss journey (from 308 to 135), and now I’m happily blogging at blissful moon.

Best of luck and good wishes for another 10 yrs of blogging!

posted on November 4th 2011 at 11:00AM CDT

LOL thank you!!!!

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 8:20AM CDT

I am going on 8 years of blogging… my first blog didn’t really go anywhere because I never wrote… lol…

But then I started “Paxye’s Rant” on Blogspot almost 7 years ago and it became my main blog. After about a year on Blogspot I was annoyed at the constraints and switched to hosting my own wordpress blog… A little while later I changed the name of “Paxye’s Rant” to “a hippie with a minivan” and the rest is history :)

Happy tenth :)

posted on November 4th 2011 at 11:00AM CDT

Thank you! LOL writing is the hardest part isn’t it.

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 8:32AM CDT

Congrats!! :) 10 yrs is a long time… I have no idea how long I have been blogging, and I was always changing domain names too xD

posted on November 4th 2011 at 10:59AM CDT

Thank you!!!

Linda Ursin
posted on November 3rd 2011 at 9:09AM CDT

If you’d asked how long I’ve been on social media, you’d think I’m a real dinosaur. I’ve been in chat rooms, forums etc since 1994. But when it comes to personal blogging, I have to admit I didn’t start until 2005. I had a break in there too, and didn’t start up again until 2007. Since then I’ve been at it more or less on a regular basis. I’ve had four or five URL’s, but all have been under heksebua.com.

Btw. No point in checking my blog today, because my web host is holding me hostage. They shut me down because oof CPU usage this morning, and haven’t opened it yet. I hope to have this fixed before tonight is over.

posted on November 4th 2011 at 10:58AM CDT

My first EVER website was on Angelfire… that was in… 1998 or 1999 I believe? Didn’t really get into blogging though until March of 2011 (taking it ‘seriously’ anyway).

OH that is ridiculous about your host!

Linda Ursin
posted on November 4th 2011 at 11:23AM CDT

I was on lycos :) then a Norwegian free host. after that I self hosted for a number of years, before making the switch to a paid host this summer. I’m in the process of finding a better host now.

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 9:29AM CDT

Happy blogiversary! I remember SS dot com… And oh, man, how the internet has changed. Is it all for the good? Is there anything you miss? Personally, I miss Movable Type as it used to be, back when we used it.

posted on November 4th 2011 at 10:56AM CDT

AHH SS.com… I still have some of those designs SOMEWHERE I’m sure. Back when I used FrontPage LOL!

I miss the community aspect of just OWNING a domain… and hostees LOL.

posted on November 3rd 2011 at 11:27AM CDT

I dropped in from sophistishe. I love your photos.

posted on November 4th 2011 at 10:54AM CDT

Aww thank you so much!!

Jodi Hall
posted on November 3rd 2011 at 5:08PM CDT

Happy Blog-o-versary!

I just started blogging again 3 months ago :D

posted on November 4th 2011 at 10:53AM CDT

Thank you Jodi!!

posted on November 5th 2011 at 7:35PM CDT

wow!!! 10 years! ♥ That’s awesome! I wish I could last that long! I’ve been blogging for a year and a half in flutterhappy.com… ♥

posted on November 6th 2011 at 1:19AM CDT

Happy Blogiversary! I opened caity.nu in 2009 sometime but I started fresh in February 2010 because I transferred hosts and lost everything so I just count from there.

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