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I beefed up my fanlistings, check them out and join!

I am really looking forward to my days off later this week, working seven days in a row is never fun heh.

My sister seems so much happier and dare I say it? Nicer lately. We actually hang out now! We might go a bit earlier today to hang out at the mall since I work at five.

Right now chubs and Matt are eating this banana-pineapple cake thingy he made last night. For breakfast. Well… it has fruit in it lol.

Hmm what else… ah I am hosting right now, so check that out!

I need some help with my resume. How the hell do I make “folding clothes” sound fancy? I mean sure I do more than that… but really… how do I make retail work sound good? I want some sort of entry level position somewhere, receptionist, secretary, etc.

I emailed all hostees!

I need to find time to mail out the long lost forgotten cards…

posted on March 22nd 2004 at 3:21PM CST

“folding clothes” = “preparing and organizing stock”

Got mail – responded.

You’ll need a break after 7 days in a row!

Pinapple, banana sounds yummy!

posted on March 22nd 2004 at 5:04PM CST

Oi, I completely forgot to tell you.  For whatever reason, my OSN mail hasn’t been working properly for quite some time, so, if you want to e-mail me, try (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) :)

posted on March 24th 2004 at 8:47AM CST

i can’t get to my onestarrynight mail so, my response will be late.

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