December 12th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

now that i have people singing “i’ve got the power” let’s switch to another song of the day. how about something festive like jingle bells? i have to laugh at myself because, i could really take this too far! anyway, i talked to sarah last night and everyone is safely at the hotel . daniel laughed with matt the entire time i talked to her. which was awhile. she was camped out under the blankets watching father and son. it sounded really cute. she told me daniel was laying “belly to belly” on the floor with his dad. it sounded like a kodak moment! it’s so, damn cold here today. this morning when i took my kids to school it was 10 degrees and the wind chill was -4. i’m going shopping and out to lunch with my sister today. that should be fun. tonight i plan on making pizza for dinner. and hot cocoa later. i hope there will be a good movie on the kids and i can watch.  i’m thinking tomorrow we should put up our Christmas tree! anyway, i’m going to make some tea and relax for awhile before i go shopping .

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aww belly to belly thats so cute! Great site, i love the layout.

Reply to Mia

Awww… I also think that the belly to belly thing is just so cute! :) Great layout, by the way! Very unique. :)

Reply to Kati

hehe. i sang JiNGLE BELLS like 4764864351351654 times today. goodness… haha i went caroling woo hoo! i don’t like being cold… awww father and son moment?! awww.. that sound soo sweet

Reply to songstress

Oh goodness, I’m not ready for Christmas carols!!
Definitely sounds like Sarah’s having fun!  Belly to belly, hehe, cute.

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