New purple layout yay! I also got my Sidhe Shots entry up over there in participation.

We took the wee one swimming again today and my right arm is a bit red bleh. My dad took the wee one over to my brothers to see all of his pets.

So Matt is doing the laundry, I am freaking out about my bank situation. DAMN YOU UNAUTHORIZED BLOCKBUSTER!!

I am so eloquent today.

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posted on June 11th 2004 at 7:12PM CDT

You did an amazing job on the layout. :)

posted on June 11th 2004 at 10:08PM CDT

Bwah ha, was hoping I’d see it when I came home.

posted on June 12th 2004 at 12:08AM CDT

Your layouts are always gorgeous. I wish I had that much motivation at times. Molto bello.

On an unrelated note, how do I update my journal again using EE? I can’t for the life of me figure it out and I’ve been trying to. I’m so confused.

posted on June 12th 2004 at 4:29AM CDT

I absolutely love the new layout! I think its about time to change mine as well… any ideas?

posted on June 12th 2004 at 4:16AM CDT

Awesome layout. Love the purple. Sorry to hear about the blockbuster. Go bust some ass!

posted on June 12th 2004 at 7:51AM CDT

Love the new layout, Sarah.  It’s very calming.  :o)

posted on June 12th 2004 at 5:18PM CDT

Wow, this layout is so lovely! I enjoy seeing new surprises =D

posted on June 12th 2004 at 10:39PM CDT

Wow, I love this layout, t’is very purty :)

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