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Answered some more questions, updated my affiliates, worked really hard to create my OWN script which is on Pagan Voice on the sidebar under “Today”.

Umm… not much else.… Daniel caught my sisters cold, which she has passed to everyone within her reach heh. First time he has ever been sick. Freaks me out. I feel bad for him. I’m sick as well… at least he is getting fun antibodies through my breastmilk!

Well… thats my bity update lol. Oh! Thank you to Jenn who donated $5 to me for no reason! Which makes me $5 closer to moving out!!

Okay, that is it for now ahhaha, if anything interesting happens, I will be sure to blog about it!

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Link CSS Changes

In post content only, I now have external links with a little arrow and made affiliate links orange plus the arrow. I feel like that will, hopefully, make things clearer visually if a link is affiliate, external, or internal.

Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

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