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The last couple of days… just… drama.

Work drama, love drama, family drama, online drama.

I did however, manage to bake a heck of a lot of nummy banana muffins tonight.

I have a few projects I am slowly but surely working on, most likely they won’t be of interest to anyone besides myself. I really would like Crys’s opinion on them though (I would have to show her via the MT interface)

Would anyone like to exchange letters or cards? I lost all my address I had before, even hostees! I would love to do this!!

I need to make a list of all of the things I would like to do crafty wise. Things I would like to cook, things I would like to make (with glitter!) any suggestions, especially if they pertain to the season Autumn or the sabbats Mabon and/or Samhain, I would totally appreciate it!

I am thinking of clay actually. Usually I lean towards wasting money on watercolors, but the thought of creating something out of clay is appealing to me. Maybe some recipes to make my own “dough” like a salt dough or something? I would like it to be able to dry pretty fast via oven or sunlight.

I work tomorrow, 5 – close. I am worried about it. Some of you know why. I just hope things get resolved.

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posted on September 17th 2003 at 5:22AM CDT

Sarah, I have tons of fall recipes for you, mostly sweet treats but I don’t have time to send them your way at the moment, sorry.  I’ll try to get a few bits of time tonight and copy them to a mail.  I have a salt dough one but for some reason I can’t find it, I also have one for cinnamon ornaments. Maybe Spunker’s has them, she’s my recipe saver.

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posted on September 17th 2003 at 9:30AM CDT

You know I’m always interested!